The important stuff:

  • Your web server [] is working fine.
  • Your front page is only 3 KB long. Are you sure it's a blog?
  • Your blog doesn't advertise an XML feed. Are you sure it's a blog?
  • Your robots.txt file is missing. Technically speaking a robots.txt file is not required, but it's better to have an empty one than none at all.
  • Your blog is not indexed by Google.
  • Your blog is not indexed by Bing.
  • Your blog application doesn't support gzip compression.

The boring technical details:

  • Server hostname:
  • 161 ms page generation time
  • 469 ms page fetch time
  • 6 KB/sec effective transfer speed
  • 6,717 KB/sec burst download speed
  • Page size (uncompressed): 2,421 bytes
  • Content ratio: 47.1%
  • Blog If-Modified-Since response: 200


Page Gzipno
Feed Gzip-
Page 304no
Feed 304-

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